Friday, October 31, 2014

One Month Update

  Sometimes I just look at you, and can't believe you're mine. Best thing I've ever done in my life. Everyone says when you have a baby its a love like no other. Oh, how right they were. When you were placed in my arms an indescribable love came over me that I didn't know I was capable of. My life will be forever changed. I can not imagine a better job than being your Mom. You are the sweetest, most perfect addition to our family!
   Alright, enough with all the mushy stuff. This month was about getting to know you, and keeping you alive hahaha. No, seriously, though. Making sure to feed you every two hours (Not that you would let us forget or anything). Checking to make sure you were breathing, by shining my cell phone light over you ALL NIGHT LONG.  Yes, you are sleeping in the bassinet right next to me. Yup, that's me, your Mom. You've been hard at work with all the sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping, pooping, and more sleeping all day every day.
Happy ONE month Lilykins we love you!


7lb 14oz 19 1/2 inches long

Baby Sleepy Stretches 
First Stroller Ride

First trip to Target


Mommy's Milk
Side note- I've been going crazy dealing with a few nursing issues, the main one being an infection. I'm having to pump every 2 hours to keep my supply up while I get better, and yes even during the night when you are sound asleep. We have been seeing a lactation consultant once a week. She has been amazing helping me heal, and checking to make sure you are gaining weight well! Your Dad has been so supportive, and the benefits of me pumping means you still get my milk, and he gets to feed you too :)

Clothes/Diaper Size:



Lilykins (We called you that in the womb)
Sweet Pea
Sweet Girl
Milk Monster


diaper change
Looking around at lights, faces, Lucy Bear (our dog)
Sleeping and tummy time on Daddy's chest 
Holding your head up
Movement LOTS of movement
Sleeping 5 to 6-hour stretches at night (are you, my child??)
White Noise
Walks in your stroller especially around Target  :) ( Ok maybe you are my child)
Car rides
Bath time
Pacifier to help you fall asleep then you spit it out
Mamaroo Swing
Your Woombie Swaddler for night time (We liked this way better than traditional swaddling, you can still move around while feeling cozy and safe without waking yourself. Also super EASY to get you in and out of.)

Not Lovin

Getting out of the bath and having lotion applied to your body. You act like its battery acid :(
Being hungry
Stop lights - You can literally find me pumping the breaks so the truck bounces the entire time.
Sitting in your car seat not moving
Being tired. When you are ready for bed YOU ARE READY