Saturday, July 11, 2015

9 months update


My sweet girl, you have officially been outside the womb as long as you were in it. So crazy. I feel like its been going by at lightning speed. It's hard to imagine you will be turning ONE in 3 months! I'm not ready. Not ready because I know in the blink of an eye you will be all grown up, and I'll NEVER be ready for that. You become more delicious everyday. I love watching you explore and learn new skills.  I need eyes in the back of my head. Every time I turn around you're standing up on something new like  Lucy Bear, but thankfully she doesn't mind. You keep us on our toes that's for sure ;)
We love being Mama and Dada to you sweet pea!
Happy 9 months :)

Growth Stats

15 pound 6 ounces of pure nuggety LOVE

Honestly, I have been so worried about your weight and size, because I hear all the time how little you are, but coming from your birth weight (6 pounds 4 ounces) you are huge to us. Doctor says you are perfectly normal, developmentally you are doing exactly what you should be, and that you're just petite :) 

Clothes/Diaper Size

Mostly 6-9 months and some 6-12 months ( still a little big)
Size 3


Two TEETH (bottom) 
Started army crawling on the 8 month mark and now you get up on all fours to crawl some of the time  
Sit yourself up from laying down 
Pulling up to standing (on things that you can reach) 
Walk with push walker and while holding on to our hands 
High five
Drinks water out of a straw and sippy cup
Drinks out of my cup
Wave Bye Bye
First time in the pool 
First time at the Zoo


Nursing has been going so great, aside from you hating nursing covers (you can find us running to the car or in a random dressing room) we have had no issues.
We stay busy with activities during the week, so lunch has been hit or miss, but I've been doing a lot better about it.

I'm probably forgetting something but…

New foods this month: 
Teething wafers
Puffs (Oh, your over being in this store? Here's a puff, instant mood changer 🙈) 


You've had a few nights where you wake up screaming at random times. I'm sure it was from your teeth coming in, and I've heard learning new skills can mess with your sleep patterns too. Overall, your still a 12 hour a night sleeper and a 2 nap a day kinda gal. Not complaining at all :) 


Kindermusik Class
Eating with special attention to watermelon
My EOS lip balm
My water bottle
Drinking water out of my cup (monkey see monkey do as your Meme says)
Other babies
Story Time
Feeding yourself 
Playing with toys
Chewing hard books (the scene from BIG with the mini corn cob comes to mind)

Not Lovin

Still hate getting your hands and face wiped after eating
Being Strapped in (car seat, stroller, high chair)
Being in the car too long
Staying up past bedtime
Strangers grabbing hold of you too soon
For the most part you are the sweetest and happiest little baby, but when you are tired or over it you can get very LOUD boisterous. 

I'm trying to be a better blogger and post more about things going on during the month. If anyone has any post suggestions please feel free to email me or leave a comment below :)