Thursday, November 27, 2014

2 & 3 Months Update

 I can't even handle how fast these three months have flown by. It was a magical holiday season shared with both sets of grandparents and Uncle Matty. They spoiled you rotten along with your other family too, but couldn't be there. I'm already looking at pictures from last month, and seeing the biggest changes in you. Those yummy baby rolls are forming, that I'm super proud of, and obsessed with! I just can't give you kisses, and tell you how much I love you enough. You are without a doubt "The sweetest pea to ever be" we love you to pieces!

Growth Stats:

9lbs 12oz  20 1/2 inches long {2 month well visit}

Photo with the stuffed animal, (complements of Meme) to show your growth each month:) 

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Uncle Matty!


Mommy's Milk
Update- Honestly, I didn't know if we would make it this long, but I just couldnt bring myself to give it up. So glad I didnt, and we worked through the latch issues, infection, blebs, clogged ducts, fast let down (where I literally felt like I was water boarding you... not fun). Two and a half months is when it really started getting easier. I swear one day it stopped hurting, we didn't need a special pillow, and I finally felt confident in what we were doing.  I'm so proud of us, and I will always cherish our sweet time together.

Clothes/Diaper Size

Moved up to size 1 diapers
Still in newborn leggings but mostly 0-3 clothes
{3 months}
Size 1 diapers
3 month clothes


Bedtime is around 10ish and sleep till around 7am.
You started flip flopping over to your side during sleep, so it was time to stop swaddling. We didn't do any transitioning just put you in a wearable blanket. Surprisingly, you loved being free and able to move all over the place, and slept great! The next night we moved you upstairs to your crib, it was like a king size bed for you! I was so nervous to move you all the way upstairs, but you were ready and loved being in your big girl bed. You have your own space away from everything in the house, but don't worry I have the monitor attached to my hip until we go to bed, then its under my pillow. :)


Smiled BIG for the first time {2months}
Officially found your voice you coo and grunt up a storm
Rockin tummy time and your head control continues to amaze us
Swatting and grabbing your toys
Roll to the side