Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Months Update

 I know I will keep saying this, but how are you not my teeny tiny burrito baby anymore? I cant seem to comprehend the fact that I've been your Mom for 5 whole months already?!? You are so smitten with the world around you, just taking every little thing in. Seriously you are so much fun. I love watching you learn something new, like when you found your feet for the first time! You're so amazed they're always there, like its this big secret only you know about. We sure do love to love you sweet pea! Happy 5 months!


Growth Stats

None this month but you sure do have some yummy rolls :)

Love a snug onesie 


Sitting up for a few seconds at a time. You have awesome balance.
Grabbing feet
Scratching at things
Hands in mouth all the time
First solid food
You caught your first cold/bronchitis and ran a fever.  Its not surprising with everything going in your month all the time, and this weather. I'm pretty sure Dad and I are more miserable than you are. Its just made you more sweet and snuggley. I slept on the floor in your room last night, just in case you needed me. (You didn't though...) Your coughing kept waking you, but you just put yourself right back to sleep. Poor baby :(

Clothes/Diaper Size

3-6 and 6 month clothes
I'm still squeezing you into some 3 month jammies that I cant let go of  yet. (I love them snug on you)
Size 3 diapers (I have one more pack of size 2's to finish up then you will move up)


Girlfriend you love your sleep! Bedtime is between 7-8 and you sleep till 7- 7:30. You take 3 or 4 short naps about 30 mins or so in your crib or momaroo during the day. 


Mommy's Milk
We got the go ahead from the pediatrician to start you on rice cereal at 4 months. We gave it to you twice.....I think we'll just dive right into the pureed fruits and veggies this month :) 


I feel like we are in a place where you've become super predictable. We have our little routine that we try to stick to and if you start crying its usually time for a nap.
We give you a bath in the mornings now instead of right before bed. That has helped you not be so fussy getting out and drying off. 
You've become very shy when meeting new people, but warm up very quickly.
When you get fussy walking you around, running the vacuum cleaner (area rug has never been cleaner), or watching yourself in the mirror calms you. Also, you love your pink bunny! Snuggling and sucking on her ears helps to soothe you. Its very sweet.

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  1. We have family sleep-overs during sickness too. They'll either come into our room, or I'll sleep in their floor at times too. Sometimes, you've just gotta have them close!

    And your comment about the area rug being so clean!!!!!! Bahahaha!!!