Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lily Six Months

Oh, where to begin! Each day you become more and more fun. You have the sweetest, most loving nature about you. When you grab my face with your little baby hands, and give me big open month kisses its THE BEST. Your hair is getting longer on top and a little darker. Your eyes are still the prettiest blue. You have the most edible cheeks, and the sweetest smile. You started reaching for us when someone else is holding you. You're loving sitting up for longer period's, doing a face or side face plant while grabbing something out of your reach. Diaper changes are becoming more difficult these days, with all the rolling and reaching for everything around you. That's ok it just makes things more interesting. Happy Half Birthday Sweet Girl. Mommy and Daddy love more than you could ever imagine :)

Growth Stats 

13lbs 5oz
23 1/2 inches long 

Clothes/Diaper Size

6 months clothes and some 3-6 months (Like leggings cause your a shrimp) 
Size 3 diapers


Sitting up for long periods (rocking the tripod but still a little wobbly)
Reaching for me when someone else is holding you
Belly laughed for the first time BEST. SOUND. EVER.


You have a very routine sleep schedule.  You go to bed around 7 p.m. and wake up around 7 a.m. You take three naps during the day which are getting shorter and shorter. Overall, we hope it stays this good.


Mommy's Milk 
   Woo Hoo we made it to 6 months!! Its gotten so much easier, besides the fact that you get very distracted while eating, I hope to keep it up for 6 more.
   We are excited to get going on solids 3 meals a day. I'm planning on making your baby food to save money, and give you more of a variety, we shall see how this goes.
So far you love peas, oatmeal, and carrots. 


Talking to yourself in the mirror
Smiling all the time 
Sitting up
Sucking on everything your personal preference being tags. You find the tags on all your stuffed animals, soft books, and blankets, then suck the crap out of them. 
You love sleeping with your bunny across your face.
Waking up to see your Mommy or Daddy you have the biggest, sweetest smile.
Porch time
Being outside
Eating real food
Standing up in Daddy's one hand (which is hard for me to watch)
Bath time you've taken it up a notch with splashing and eating your toes
New places
Window shopping 
Story time

Not Lovin

You really aren't impressed with being tired, bored, gassy, or strangers all up in your grill. 
I don't blame you!


  1. Not loving strangers all up in her grill. Hahahahaha!!! And the headband with that orange jumpsuit it just TOO MUCH!! She's a doll!