Monday, April 27, 2015

7 Months Update

   Another exciting month has gone by way too fast. Its crazy to me how you challenge us, bring us so much joy, and keep us laughing on a daily basis. You act super shy sometimes around new people, but warm up quickly, have no teeth yet, happily play with all of your toys, can get a little screamy when bored or tired, easily distracted, always talking/squealing, and obviously know that strangers are danger. You still have been saving all the sweet giggles just for me and Daddy. You're pretty much our favorite little human, we love every square inch of you! Happy 7 months Lilykins!

Clothes/ Diaper Size

3-6 or 6 months (still my little tiny nugget)
Size 3 diapers


You are officially mobile! current mode of transportation full on ROLLING! I mean you have rolled over but now its how you get from point A to point B.
Trying really hard to crawl (Mom needs to get on top of the baby proofing)
When you get really excited about a toy or see me making food you wave your arms in the air like a bird making the funniest sounds.
Sit up all by yourself
Happily ride in the shopping cart
Sleeping on your stomach
We are starting to hear some consonants in all the babble/crying. Most of the time it sounds an awful lot like Daaaadaaaaaadaaaa which is super sweet in all, but could you try for a Mama every now and then?? I only carried you in my womb, birthed you, spend everyday with you, all while keeping you alive. No biggy.
First time in a park swing and you loooved it


You continue to be my dream sleeper!
Go to bed around 7 sleep till 6:30 (Sometimes you will wake up around 5ish hungry and then go back to sleep till 7)
Take a 2 naps a day and sometimes you need a little cat nap before dinner. 

We call it "The Lily Show" when you go to sleep at night. You started "Butt in the air tummy sleeping"  (which is one of my favorite things little babies do).  However, for some reason you're into ramming your head or rolling into the head board over and over. So we finally put those pretty bumper pads up to protect the bed from you.


Going on 7 months strong with EBF! 4 times a day 
Then we do breakfast, lunch, and dinner with solid foods.
Making your baby food has been surprisingly easy and cheap! Its been fun to share food with you! Although, making chicken into a puree was pretty terrible for me. It turns out I'm not big on blending meats into mush it turns out (insert puke face here).
So far- oatmeal, avocado, butternut squash, pear, sweet potato, banana, green beans, green peas, apple, and chicken.


Dada- You light up anytime you see or hear Daddy
Mama (I'm your meal ticket)
Chewing on everything
Daddy wearing you in the Baby Bjorn
Anything that makes a crinkly noise
Finding the TAGS on anything and everything is your super power
Bath time is your jam! The noises that come out of you crack us up!
Rolling Everywhere
Sitting and playing with your toys
The Park

Not Lovin

Sadly I think your days in Momaroo are over (I cant remember the last time you were in it)
Getting your face and hands wiped after eating
Lifetime Fitness Activity Center- This was terrible I left you 3 times and you cried the entire time I was gone. FYI 40 mins :( They even had to page me one day because they could not get you calmed down. Big mom fail because I had my head phones in and didn't hear it! Ahhhhh I feel like its good for you to go and play with other babies and be social when I'm not around so we will keep trying. I was hoping you wouldnt be "that baby" and I could just leave you with a complete stranger, and you would have an amazing time with out me, but oh well I'm sure its just a baby thing, and you'll be over it soon. I hope.
Getting frustrated
Overly tired
Strangers (see above)


I want you to know how blessed you are to have both sets of grandparents in your life. Your Nanna and Pops (Daddy's parents), Meme and Grandpa Saint (Mommy's parents) love you so very much, and would do anything in the world for you. I'm pretty sure the feelings are mutual because you cant get enough of them!



Grandpa Saint


  1. Awe! What a special month. You and Lily are so sweet, beautiful, and fun! xoxo
    ~ Stacy

    1. Thank you Stacy! It was a very special month :)

  2. ps - the photo of Lily and Uncle Dreg is stunning!!!

  3. Great photos! Jet will be sad to hear the momaroo is no more.

    1. Thank you Julie! Its not completely retired , she's just so busy with other things we forget about it :(