Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lily 8 months update

Eight months!! I just have to say each month gets better and better! Every morning you're just happy as can be in your crib, I have to restrain myself from squeezing you so tight that your head pops off. No really, that's how crazy in love I am with you. Your smiles are contagious. You have gotten to be such a Mommies girl. I'm soaking it up because I know that wont last forever. Just the other day, I grabbed you from the crib, and you seemed so much bigger, longer even. Over night?? When Daddy is home and you're waking up, he always runs up to get you so he's the first person you see. You love seeing him, and light up grinning from ear to ear, it warms my heart. I believe you are starting to have a real appreciation for Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars, you start singing LOUD when they come on! Your hair is getting long enough for me to put a little clippy in, or make the tiniest pony tail. Which is nice because your headbands are starting to double as teethers. Its possible you think your real name is Sweet Pea. You continue to be our dream baby. How did we ever get this lucky?
Happy 8 months baby girl! We love you! 

Clothes/Diaper Size

6-9 month clothes
Size 3 diapers


You are SO close to crawling - Funny thing is you crawl all over the crib in your sleep. But when you are having playtime you can't seem to remember how. You get up on all fours and rock back and fourth, then do like a swan dive head first into the floor. It makes you mad! So you end up turning your body toward the object and just rolling.
Still using rolling to get what you want 
Upgraded to the big bath tub 
Standing and dancing (while holding onto furniture) 


Lately you haven't been taking a third nap so maybe we are dropping the last one?? Not a problem since you go to bed around 7 and wake up in between 6am and 7am (I've tried keeping you up longer in hopes you would sleep in a little……. No Dice)


You looove to eat! Anytime we are getting baby food ready you get so impatient excited. In fact, you love it so much I had to add another nursing feed because my supply was dropping. Ekkk I'll take that over you screaming at the boob cause it's not coming out fast enough any day! Not fun!
You have been working on feeding yourself and doing an awesome job. Not always hitting your mouth, but it's a learning process.

New foods this month:
kidney beans
eggs (see this post)


Family - You looove your Grandparents, Uncle Matt, Uncle Jet, and Aunt Julie! We got to spend lots of time with them this month.
Pulling Moms hair
Throwing things on the ground or on the left side of your car seat
Lucy Bear 
Music class 
Story Time
Other babies
Being tickled 
The park 

Not Lovin

Pretty much same as last month
Getting shirts put on - No I'm NOT removing your arms… Just breathe 
Diaper Changes - Finding new ways to distract you everyday.

Here's a few pics from this month :)

Personal favorite 

Uncle Matt

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  1. I'm cracking up! She hates it when you put a shirt on her?! Pahahahaha!