Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First ER Visit

 On Saturday morning, since we had been working on finger foods, I thought it was the perfect time to let Lily try some of my scrambled eggs while Ty was home (just in case she was allergic). By the second bite a little red patch popped up under her lip, so I stopped then wiped her hands and face, a few minutes later she vomited all over the kitchen. The hubs rushed up stairs to give her a bath and make sure all the egg was off. She was breathing normal and we didn't see any tongue or throat swelling.
 By now it was time for her morning nap, but I wanted to keep an eye on her a little longer. She started breaking out in hives all over her body. I called the peds office and explained what was happening, the nurse advised to give her Benadryl. We all loaded up in the car to run to Walgreens (because why would we have children's Benadryl on hand that would make way too much sense) and on the drive the welts and hives were spreading all over her face, and her left eye was getting very swollen.
 Fast forward to after we gave Benadryl, it wasn't working quite fast enough for us so just to be safe we took her to the Children's Pediatric ER. Everyone there was so wonderful and took great care of Lily. She was diagnosed with a severe egg allergy. They gave her more Benadryl and also steroids. We were so grateful for the wonderful care Lily received. We had a follow up appointment on Monday with her pediatrician. Since she had eaten baked things with egg (very little) and also had the flu shot, she wants Lily to see a food allergy specialist to have her tested. I'm so hoping she will grow out of this, but until then no more EGG! So that was our scary food allergy run in, and Lily handled it like a boss! Guess I'll be making an egg-less smash cake for her first birthday :)

Poor Sweet Pea

On the ride home

Next morning feeling much better :)

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