Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lily's 10 Month Update

Dearest Lilykins,

You have entered the Double Digits! I have to say these monthly photos are quite the workout for both of us! You were either ripping your moccasins off or immediately sitting up. Note to self-have Daddy help :) Maybe it's just me but I think you are starting to lean out and get your little toddler face. I love your squinty-eyed toothy smile. You still have just two teeth, but the top ones will be out any day now.  Mean teeth! I could sit in your room and watch you play for hours, it's such a joy to witness you exploring a little something new every day. Your favorite pass time is pulling all the books off the shelves. The other day someone asked how old you were, and I started tearing up saying 10 months. Time is seriously flying by. On that note, Mama needs to get in party planning mode!
We love you baby girl and can't wait to see what this month brings!!

Growth stats 

None this month

Clothes/Diaper size

6-12 Clothes- Good thing about you being little is we save on clothes!
Size 3 diapers


Walking everywhere with the push walker
Standing up by yourself for a few seconds (long enough to clap)
Cruising around on furniture
Thanks to your cousins visit you're saying a lot more Maaaa, Naaaaa, Yaaaaa, and I've heard a Hi/Hey a few times but mostly still a TON of Dada.


We said goodbye to the bottles, it's just Mama milk straight from the source or water from a cup.
You tried dairy (yogurt and cheese) this month, and no allergies thankfully! I guess we are in the stage where you will eat anything! Yippee
So mostly you eat what we eat. A big highlight was Daddy's burgers, you enjoyed them VERY much! Our little meat eater :)


We lowered the crib (Meme and I had fun figuring that out) again this month because you were using the bumper pad as a step…… Yep, you are my child.
You still sleep 11 to 12 hours and go to bed around 7 (sometimes earlier). If you wake up before 7 am we nurse then you will go back to bed another hour or so.


Pulling up
Holding our hands to walk
Pulling books off shelves
Anything you can walk with
Feeding yourself (human garbage disposal)
Meeting your cousins on my side of the family for the first time this month! They looooved you!! More cousin lovin to come next month too!
Pulling up on EVERYTHING (Did I mention that already??)
Music Class
Story Time
Other babies
Stroller rides

Not Lovin

When someone is eating in front of you and not sharing
Being told no
Putting on your long sleeve rash guard shirt
When I take dog toys away

Friends toys are your favorite 

Silly girls! 

Your cousin Whitley was the sweetest and loved playing with you!

Cousin Drew was an excellent babysitter. 

Drew and David just thought the world of you Lily and you were loving every minute! 


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