Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lily 11 Months Update

I can't believe how fast this year is going by. This time last year I was counting down the days till I could hold you in my arms. I couldn't wait to meet you in person! You are just the best little thing I could've ever imagined. I'm so thankful for being able to spend everyday with you, and I truly love almost every minute of it. Mornings with you continue to be my favorite. There is just something about walking into the nursery, and seeing your face light up when I'm singing good morning to you. In eleven months you've NEVER woke up in a bad mood. I know that won't last forever but I am enjoying it. 
You were my little snaggle tooth for most of the month and finally the other top tooth came through. You just kill us with that big ole smile!!! Can we say CHOMPERS! You are so busy climbing over things, getting into cabinets, climbing up the stairs, getting through any sort of barricade I try to trap you in.  You took your first couple of wobbly steps while we were on vacation. Once with just me, and another time with Daddy and Pops.
Happy 11 Months our sweetest pea to ever be!

Clothes/Diaper Size

6-12 months
Size 3 (getting snug on that belly)


Top two teeth (4 total)
Standing all by yourself
Took first baby steps
Shaking your head
First time at the beach


Two solid naps a day. Lately, daddy and I have been keeping you up a little later with dance parties, playing, and reading in your room. If you wake durning the night you can get yourself back to sleep. So bedtime is still between 7 and 8 and wake up at 6:30ish.


Im trying to work on dropping your feedings (still 5 or 4 times a day) little girl because I know sometimes its just to soothe a teething baby. It's amazing what a little "Jet Fuel" for literally 3 seconds can do for you. I need to offer you more water or food instead, but honestly sometimes it's just easier and faster to nurse.


Being chased around
Dancing waving one hand in the air squat it out then come back up.
Singing Current favs are Motown Hits (thanks Meme)
Clapping and waving
DOGS you have a special noise you make when you see Lucy bear or any dog for that matter.
Peek-a-boo or Pee Pie
Shaking your head

Not Lovin

Still not a fan of getting your face wiped but getting better
Diaper changes!! You can't lay down for 30 seconds. I'm pretty good at changing you standing up.

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